Supplemental Emergency Funds - Announcements - As of Dec. 18th, 2023 will be closed for Fall. The Supplemental Emergency Funds will reopen for Spring on Jan. 29th, 2024

Unexpected things can happen in life. To help alleviate the burden of unplanned expenses, the TCC Foundation has emergency funds available to help.
If you have an emergency expense that is listed under “Covered Expenses” that is keeping you from continuing your education or causing problems at home, you may be eligible for an emergency grant.
Eligibility is subject to financial aid cost of attendance.

Covered Expenses:
Emergency requests must be supported with documentation in the form of a past-due bill that has been dated within the last 30 days of your application submission.

  • Housing – Must provide 30 days past due bill or eviction notice
  • Child care – Must provide a copy of 30 days past due bill
  • Utility bills – Must provide a copy of a cut-off notice
  • Medical – Must provide a copy of the most recent 30-day past due bill or collections notice – Responsible party must be the student’s name
  • Auto repair, repairs to make the car operable to drive to and from campus – Must provide a copy of an unpaid invoice or quote
  • Other hardships -Must provide proof of the expense and amount
  • Textbooks or bills owed to TCC for one-time program-related expenses – This will be verified through TCC staff
  • Cell Phone – Bill must be 30 days past due

Documentation must include the student’s name and other data to verify the documentation is associated with the student, such as address, email, or date of birth.

*Emergency Expenses NOT Covered *

  • Child Support
  • Legal fees of any kind
  • Veterinary bills
  • Family medical bills
  • Car maintenance, such as oil changes, routine maintenance of replacing tires, car registration fees, and taxes

Eligibility Requirements
*Be currently enrolled in at least 3 credit hours
*A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0.
Bank Mobile account preferences need to be set up.
Eligibility is subject to financial aid cost of attendance.

For questions please email: