Honors Tuition Waiver

Attention: this application is for a Fall 24/Spring 25 Award.
The TCC Honors Scholar State Regents Tuition Waiver Scholarship is available only to those who have been accepted into the TCC Honors Scholar program. The scholarship is a waiver of tuition, up to eighteen (18) credit hours per semester, for fall and spring. Honors Scholar Tuition Waiver recipients must successfully complete at least three credit hours in the fall and spring semesters and must take at least one honors course each semester until minimum honors credit requirements for the Honors Scholar program have been satisfied. (Students enrolled full time should generally take several honors classes each semester into complete Honors requirements by graduation.)

Honors Scholar Tuition Waiver recipients must be residents of Oklahoma (as defined by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education) and must maintain a cumulative TCC grade-point average of 3.5 or higher. Should the GPA fall below 3.5 but remain above 3.0, the student will no longer be an Honors Scholar in good standing, and the tuition waiver will be reduced to twelve (12) credit hours per semester. The Honors Scholar Tuition Waiver will be revoked if the GPA falls below 3.0. (The waiver may also be revoked if the student withdraws from his or her honors classes or fails to take honors classes, if the 24-hour honors requirement has not already been met. Check with one of the honors coordinators if you are unsure how your academic decisions may affect your tuition waiver.) The Honors Scholar Tuition Waiver is not available to concurrent high school students, who should apply instead for the Attend College Early (ACE) scholarship, or to students who have attempted more than 95 college credit hours. A recipient of another tuition waiver (Tulsa Achieves, Academic Scholars Program, Oklahoma’s Promise, etc.) is not eligible for both awards. Eligible Honors Scholars should complete the Honors Scholar Tuition Waiver application each spring in order to receive the waiver the following academic year. Waivers will be awarded to eligible Honors Scholars on a first-to-reply, first-served basis as long as funds remain available. THE PRIORITY DEADLINE IS April 16, 2024

If you are applying late and have questions about the availability of honors tuition waiver funds, contact Honors.
This award does not cover summer classes. However, if funds are available, it is possible that summer tuition waiver offers may be extended to students who have received fall/spring waivers and have met all the conditions for renewing the award. In this case, there will be a separate process for requesting and accepting summer waivers. Normally, the Honors Program will not know about the availability of summer funds until March or April of the preceding spring.
It is very important to note the following:
The tuition waiver does not include student fees, such as assessment, technology, laboratory, student center, parking, or activity fees. Should you decide not to attend TCC, you must take the action of dropping your classes before the drop/add deadline. If you do not do this, you will remain financially responsible for your student fees, even if you have never attended class.

Tuition Waiver, up to eighteen (18) credit hours per semester, for fall and spring only
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a concurrent High School student? (Concurrent students are not eligible for this waiver)
  2. Are you a legal resident of Oklahoma?
  3. I understand and accept that to be eligible for the Honors Tuition waiver, I must enroll in at least three credit hours each fall and spring semester.
  4. I understand and accept that to be eligible for the Honors Tuition waiver, I must complete at least one Honors class each fall and spring semester until I have completed all required Honors hours.
  5. I understand and accept that when my total attempted hours exceed 95, I will become ineligible to receive the Honors Tuition Waiver.
  6. I understand that I must be an Honors Scholar (admitted to the Honors Program) with a TCC GPA of 3.5 or higher to qualify for the 18-hour Honors Tuition Waiver, that if my GPA falls to between 3.5 and 3.0, I will be eligible for only a 12-hour waiver, and that if my GPA falls below 3.0, my tuition waiver will be revoked, unless I have already applied for and been approved for a need-based TCC tuition waiver through the Financial Aid office.
  7. I understand that to receive the Honors Tuition waiver, I must enroll in at least three TCC credit hours, including at least one Honors class (unless all required Honors hours have been completed or I have petitioned for and received a temporary exception from the Honors coordinator) no later than July 17, 2023 for fall classes, and no later than January 27, 2024 for spring classes.
  8. Please upload a copy or screen shot of your acceptance in to the Honor Scholars Program.
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