Greg Hope Memorial Scholarship

Greg Hope was a TCC employee who made a difference for so many people. His hard work, focus on equity, compassion for people, and unique ability to laugh through the hard times made the world better. This scholarship was established by TCC employees to honor his legacy as well as one of his passion projects, Smart Start. It will be awarded to students in economic need who are pursuing a program in Allied Health or Nursing.

Supplemental Questions
  1. What attracts you to Health Sciences and why did you select your current major?
  2. Health Science programs are very rigorous. What are your strategies for succeeding if you are accepted?
  3. Program GPA
    • Grades for program specific and science related courses will be compiled to create an additional GPA. This scholarship does not include a GPA minimum requirement. However, students with a GPA, in these areas, of 3.0 or higher will be more competitive.
  4. Degree Plan Required
    • I understand that all Health Science related programs are extremely rigorous. Because adequate preparation is essential for academic success: 1) I agree to meet with my Academic Advisor before February 25th. 2) With my Advisor I will make and file a personalized degree plan. 3)I understand that if I do not meet with my Advisor before February 25th and do not file a degree plan, it may negatively impact my application.
  5. TCC Student Organizations
    • If you are an active member of any Student Organizations, not mentioned, please list them here:
    • Please indicate if you are an active member of any of the following TCC Student Organizations: